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Garden Catering Fairfield supports the ROCK4RV cause as a Partner

Special thanks to the Garden Catering Fairfield crew for supporting the ROCK4RV mission. Check them out on Black Rock turnpike!

A little history ...

Garden Catering's nugget history begins in the mid-1970’s, when the original owner, Lou Iandoli and his business partner opened Garden Poultry in the heart of Greenwich, CT. In 1977, grabbing hold of an opportunity to grow and expand, Mr. Landoli opened under the name of Garden Catering on Sound Beach Avenue; which is now known as our flagship location.

Sadly, Mr. Iandoli passed away in 1989 and Garden Catering closed its doors. Responding to the heartache of nugget fans everywhere, Frank Carpenteri Sr. purchased the business from Mrs. Iandoli, along with the secret recipes for Garden Catering’s famous fried chicken and nuggets. He re-opened in late fall of 1991 and gained instant praise, making Garden Catering once again a staple for the community under its new owner.

Recognizing the growing demand for the crave-able menu, Mr. Carpenteri opened several more Garden Catering locations throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. Keeping the business in the family, Frank’s son and daughter now manage the daily operations and plan to spread the nugget love for years to come.

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